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Microsoft Future Vision Series: 2019

10 years from now...what do you think?

Augmented reality film: Future of Augmented Cognition

This unusual film depicts a hypothetical team of augmented traders which apparently are in charge of managing asset trading during world crises in real time.


O3D: Bringing 3D capabilities to your web browser

O3D is an open source project that enables rich 3D web apps by adding new functionality to your web browser.

Videos: KDDI develops new “augmented reality” cell phone app

AR app is currently labeled an experiment.

KDDI app in action


livVirtual World SIG and MRO Show *LIVE*

You will see our *LIVE* stream here if there is a *LIVE* event.
If not seeing media, refesh the page! If there is no event you will not see or hear anything.

For updates check:

Photos from Events

AWE2013, Santa Clara, CA

Photos (google search images)



“The World’s First Augmented Reality Browser. Layar is a free application on your mobile phone which shows you what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of reality though the camera of the mobile phone.”


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