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Russian artist "turns the reality around us into ASCII"

WIRED's blog asks us to "forget Second Life" and turn the real world virtual. That's just the idea!

They post this interesting goggle-based augmented reality device with 6 modes of psychedellic visual effects (made even more so by the sound effects in this video).

The artists are named as Alexei Shulgin and Arstarkh Chernyshev and the system is called "SUPER-I" which is called "A real virtuality system". In the mode of earlier Virtual Reality systems it features a publicly viewable screen for the un-goggled. Very cool and if it can "turn the reality around us into ASCII" then it could convert other artists' views or digital effects as well.

One can imagine cartridges that process different artist realities enhancing the product. As always, send me any more information / links you may have about it!

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