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Augmented reality film: Future of Augmented Cognition

This unusual film depicts a hypothetical team of augmented traders which apparently are in charge of managing asset trading during world crises in real time.

They have really important jobs to do. When these high-performing traders are stressed, their headsets automatically prioritize the information they receive and minimize or maximize windows on their computer screens. We see the character "Claudia" stress out and the system helps her to focus in order to identify a suspect in the world unrest. Later, to calm her down the headset plays "a personal musical phrase" which "alerts her and supports the cognitive rebalancing process". In other words, the headset knows when you are stressing out and provides you with direct-to-brain stimulation to keep your concentration stable.

The technology shown would likely require a user which had been trained (perhaps from a young age) to use and rely on such augmentation. There are a couple of clues in the film that make the predicted reality believable:
1.) the lives these characters lead are not that different from traders today and
2.) the idea that this device could make those decisions about personal sensory input accurately is outrageous - but outrageous new technology is accpeted rapidly, and can become mainstream within a couple of years. That is the speed at which augmentation is adopted.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


"This short film takes place in 2030 in a command center that is tasked with monitoring cyberspace activities for anomalies that could threaten the global economy. The economy, which functions largely in cyberspace, is the link between countries and is extremely susceptible to instability. As might be expected, given the ever-increasing amount of data to be analyzed even in today’s world, the workers in 2030 are inundated with information from all sources. They have so much information to contend with that they are literally unable to process it all unaided."



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