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This Tuesday - "Virtual Worlds in 2020" - advance reading and viewing

If you're joining us (local event in Palo Alto) for this coming Tuesday's event "Virtual Worlds in 2020 Workshop" here's some advanced reading and viewing for that. Due to the intensively interactive nature of this event, there will not be a virtual world component to this event - unless someone wants to run a parallel event... let me know @mro


Direct link to above video:

and more advance reading material.....
Survey: Keyboards, DRM to become scarce in 2012

Three Scenarios for the TV Market 2020

How will the Internet look in 2020? – PEW research report

The Future of the Internet III

Internet's future in 2020 debated

Imagining the Internet

Tolerance and the Internet: Scenarios by 2020

The Future of the Internet II

BT opens international telepresence centres


[- See you there! -MRO]


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