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Augmenting Reality and Revenue: Mobile, Sensors, Location and Layers Sept. 9 at 630PM Palo Alto, CA

SDForum’s Emerging Tech SIG ( will be doing an event on augmented reality topic on Sept. 9 at 630PM (Presentation starts at 7PM).

Virtual World SIG ( Co-Chair Maribeth Back will be co-presenting. Join us in Palo Alto.

“Augmenting Both Reality and Revenue: Connecting Mobile, Sensors, Location and Layers”

Augmented reality (AR), nurtured in academia for years, has finally become commercially viable, enabled by the power / bandwidth curve of mobile computing platforms. Meanwhile, input and display hardware has reached sufficient maturity to enable devices reasonable to use and carry.

Our lead-off speaker Clark Dodsworth, whose work on personalized, networked, mobile, location-aware systems began in 1990, predicts the result will alter the social, business, and personal fabric of our daily lives, and generate revenue streams for new and existing products, as well as whole industries that are not yet obvious.

Zugara's Augmented Reality & Motion Capture Shopping App

Augmented Reality RESEARCH

Superimposing Dynamic Range

Phone-to-Phone Communication for Adaptive Image Classification

iQ Toyota Augmented Reality Tech

Total Immersion

Click to watch this video of Gulf Coast Exploreum<

Augmented Reality under water

Fraunhofer FIT just presented an Augmented Reality system for use under water. A diver's mask with a special display lets the diver see his or her real submarine surroundings overlaid with computer-generated virtual scenes. In the pilot application, an AR game, the player sees a coral reef with shoals, mussels and weeds, instead of a plain indoor pool. Applications for professional divers are being investigated. Press release

PIT Strategy - Augmented Reality Board Game


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