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Augmented Reality Showreel 2012 by Total Immersion

Augmented Reality Showreel 2012 by Total Immersion Total Immersion is the global leader in augmented reality. Through its patented D'Fusion® technology, Total Immersion blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world by integrating real...

the Tech 2011 and ISMAR 2009 photos and videos from Augmented Report



Stay tuned more to come...

Augmented people join us on LinkedIn:

Augmented Report Interviews at ISMAR

Join Augmented Report ( for the full 4 days at ISMAR 2009 (

Tell us about your AR projects and plans with a short interview!

Signup form is here: ( Will be in contact by email or phone to confirm time.

Virtual Worlds in 2020

This Tuesday - "Virtual Worlds in 2020" - advance reading and viewing

If you're joining us (local event in Palo Alto) for this coming Tuesday's event "Virtual Worlds in 2020 Workshop" here's some advanced reading and viewing for that. Due to the intensively interactive nature of this event, there will not be a virtual world component to this event - unless someone wants to run a parallel event... let me know @mro


Layar enables 3D objects

Via Tech Crunch:

Yet another reason to meet up at ISMAR 2009!

Here's 8 More!

Eight Reasons to attend ISMAR 2009

Just got word that early ISMAR Registration has been extended to September 25, 2009
Here are the top 3 ... no make that top 8 reasons you should not miss it!

1. Hands-on demonstrations of the latest augmented reality (AR) research from around the world.
2. Innovation Workshops on adoption of AR within diverse industries such as education, entertainment, medical, military, design and manufacturing application domains.
3. Three days of Tutorials to provide the most comprehensive instructional program on Mixed and Augmented Reality taught by the pioneering researchers themselves.


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